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PITHY QUOTE FROM Peirce: Published Works I

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We have found so much fault with the book that our readers may not understand why we like it so much. It is because it is neither a machine-made compilation nor a vague essay, but is the work of a real student of the history of philosophy.

Charles Sanders Peirce: Published Works I. Review of Turner's History of Philosophy in The Nation, 79, 7 July 1904

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Charles Sanders Peirce: Published Works I

ISBN: 978-1-57085-229-9

Language: English

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Charles Sanders Peirce

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Charles Sanders Peirce: Published Philosophy (I) contains Charles Sanders Peirce: Contributions to the Nation, compiled and annotated by Kenneth Laine Ketner and James Edward Cook (published by Texas Tech University Press, 1975-1987) as well as A Comprehensive Bibliography of the Published Works of Charles Sanders Peirce, 2d edition, edited by Kenneth Laine Ketner (published by the Philosophy Documentation Center, 1986).

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