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PITHY QUOTE FROM Wodeham: Lectura Secunda

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In productione muris per propagationem mus et sol sunt causae essentialiter ordinatae, et tamen non necessario requiritur simultas earum in causando murem, quia sol sine mure potest producere murem.

Adam de Wodeham: Lectura Secunda, Volume II: Distinctiones 2-7, Distinctio Tertia, Quaestio V, Utrum in Homine Sit Imago Deiet Trinitatis

Adam de Wodeham: Lectura Secunda. Electronic Edition. book cover

Adam de Wodeham: Lectura Secunda. Electronic Edition.

ISBN: 978-1-57085-164-3

Language: Latin

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Adam de Wodeham

List of Contents

Adam de Wodeham. Lectura Secunda (Quaestiones in I Sententiarum Petri Lombardi). St. Bonaventure, NY: Franciscan Institute Publications, 1991.

  • Volume I: Prologus et Distinctio 1 edited by Rega Wood.
  • Volume II: Distinctiones 2-7 edited by Gedeon Gal, OFM.
  • Volume III: Distinctiones 8-26 edited by Rega Wood.

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