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PITHY QUOTE FROM Presocratic Writings

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δεῖ γὰρ τὸν χαρίεντα μήτε ῥυπᾶν μήτε αὐχμεῖν μήτε βορβόρωι χαίρειν καθ' Ἡράκλειτον.

The Presocratic Writings Hêracleitus of Ephesus - B: Extant Original Fragments

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The Presocratic Writings

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ISBN: 978-1-57085-264-0

Language: Greek, English translation

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Heraclitus of Ephesus (535-475 BC). Pre-Socratic Greek philosopher.
Portrait head. Bronze. From Herculaneum. Villa of the Papry.

Volume 1: Transcription of the famous collection of Presocratic thinkers in ninety chapters, originally edited by H. Diels and W. Kranz (Die Fragmente der Vorsokratiker, ed. by H. Diels-W. Kranz, 3 vols., Weidmann, Berlin, 1958).

Volume 2: Ancilla to the Pre-Socratic Philosophers. A complete translation of the fragments of the pre-Socratic philosophers given in the fifth edition of Diels, Fragmente der Vorsokratiker by Kathleen Freeman. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, 1948.


Please note that all B fragments from the Diels and Kranz edition are linked to the Freeman translation, and vice-versa.

Impressive care has been taken in establishing these texts.

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