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PITHY QUOTE FROM Lombardus: Sententiarum libri IV

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Canis reversus ad vomitum, et poenitens ad peccatum.

Petrus Lombardus: Sententiarum libri IV, Liber quartus. De doctrina signorum. DISTINCTIO XIV. DE POENITENTIA.

Petrus Lombardus: Sententiarum libri IV book cover

Petrus Lombardus: Sententiarum libri IV

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ISBN: 978-1-57085-246-6

Language: Latin

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Detail: Petrus Lombardus in historisierter Initiale als Schreiber dargestellt. Nordfrankreich, vor 1159 (Msc.Patr.120, fol. 3r)

Petrus Lombardus. Sententiarum libri IV. (Peter Lombard. Sentences). Edited by Joannes Aleaume, Francisco Garcia, Jacques-Paul Migne, et al. Paris: Migne, 1841.

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