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PITHY QUOTE FROM Hardy: Collected Letters

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The cliff of the adventure in "A Pair of Blue Eyes" — called "The Cliff without a name" is, I think, a few miles from Boscastle, though I cannot quite remember, not having been there for many years.

The Collected Letters of Thomas Hardy. Volume 4, Letter to George Dewar, February 1911

The Collected Letters of Thomas Hardy. Electronic Edition. book cover

The Collected Letters of Thomas Hardy. Electronic Edition.

ISBN: 978-1-57085-389-0

Language: English

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Thomas Hardy, 1840-1928

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The Collected Letters of Thomas Hardy contains the collected letters of Thomas Hardy from Oxford University Press.

Hardy, Thomas, The Collected Letters of Thomas Hardy. Edited by Richard Little Purdy and Michael Millgate. 7 vols. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1978-1988.

I now recognize that I shall be making constant use of the Past Masters version of the Hardy letters edition as I proceed with the editing of that edition's supplementary volume. . . .

What is so attractive about the Past Masters series from a scholarly viewpoint, and indeed from the viewpoint of all its potential users, is precisely its absolute dependence on the highly accurate reproduction of existing works of authoritative scholarship whose quality and importance has already been established and whose reference systems (for citation purposes) are straightforward and immediately recognisable.

—Professor Michael Millgate
Department of English
The University of Toronto