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PITHY QUOTE FROM Montesquieu: Complete Works

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A Vomit.

‘Take six harangues; the first dozen of funeral orations that comes to hand; with this one restriction however, that you do not make use of those of M. de N.; a collection of new operas, fifty romances, and thirty sets of new memoirs; put all these ingredients into a large glass bottle, with a big belly and a little neck; leave it to settle during two days; then cause it to be distilled by a fire of ashes;

PERSIAN LETTERS. by M. DE MONTESQUIEU. A Letter from a Country Physician, to a Physician at Paris. A Vomit.

The Complete Works of Montesquieu. Electronic Edition. book cover

The Complete Works of Montesquieu. Electronic Edition.

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ISBN: 978-1-57085-148-3

Language: English

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Buste de Montesquieu, ivoire, c. 1770. Louvre Collection Adolphe Thiers

List of Contents

Charles Louis de Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu. The Complete Works of M. de Montesquieu, translated from the French. 4 volumes. London: T. Evans, in the Strand, and W. Davis, in Picadilly, 1777.

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