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PITHY QUOTE FROM Dickens: Letters (I-XII)

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I need not say that I have many pleasant things to say of America. God forbid that it should be otherwise. I speak to you, as I would to myself. I am a Lover of Freedom, disappointed—That's all.

The Letters of Charles Dickens. Volume 3, 1842-1843, Letter to W. C. Macready, 1 April 1842.

The Letters of Charles Dickens: 1820-1870 (2nd Release). Electronic Edition. book cover

The Letters of Charles Dickens: 1820-1870 (2nd Release). Electronic Edition.

ISBN: 978-1-57085-014-1

Language: English

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Charles Dickens.
Albumen print, by Herbert Watkins
By permission. National Portrait Gallery, London

List of Contents

Dickens, Charles. The Letters of Charles Dickens. Pilgrim Edition. General editors: Madeline House, Graham Storey, Kathleen Tillotson. 12 vols. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1965-2002.

  • Vol. 1: 1820-1839
  • Vol. 2: 1840-1841
  • Vol. 3: 1842-1843
  • Vol. 4: 1844-1846
  • Vol. 5: 1847-1849
  • Vol. 6: 1850-1852
  • Vol. 7: 1853-1855
  • Vol. 8: 1856-1858
  • Vol. 9: 1859-1861
  • Vol. 10: 1862-1864
  • Vol. 11: 1865-1867
  • Vol. 12: 1868-1870

Each volume of this edition wins acclaim as it appears, and it is right that it should do so. Kathleen Tillotson, Graham Storey and their team are deserving of every word of praise accorded to them for their meticulous and wide-ranging research.

—Claire Tomalin
London Review of Books

. . . this towering and meticulously edited series, which every learned library, every literary historian, must find indispensable.

—Alethea Hayter
Times Literary Supplement

. . . one of the great undertakings of modern scholarship.

—Anthony Quinn
University of Cambridge

This volume brings to a close one of the grandest and most important scholarly projects to have been mounted since the war.

—Philip Hensher
The Spectator

Being able to access online the Pilgrim edition of The Collected Letters of Charles Dickens is a blessing for students and lovers of Mr. Dickens which cannot be overestimated. The twelve volumes of these vital windows into Dickens’ mind are now available quickly and easily. InteLex is demonstrating the real benefits of the Age of Technology; I am hugely grateful.

—Miriam Margolyes