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PITHY QUOTE FROM Calvin: Works and Correspondence

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An hundred and fourteen horned bishops, with Pope Nicolas for president, force Berengarius to recant.

The Works and Correspondence of John Calvin. Tracts and Treatises, "Second Defence of the Pious and Orthodox Faith Concerning the Sacraments, in Answer to the Calumnies of Joachim Westphal"

John Calvin: Works and Correspondence. Electronic Edition. book cover

John Calvin: Works and Correspondence. Electronic Edition.

ISBN: 978-1-57085-254-1

Language: English translation

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John Calvin, 1901

List of Contents

The Works and Correspondence of John Calvin contains a) Institutes of the Christian Religion, translated by Ford Lewis Battles, published by Westminster Press, 1960; b) Tracts and Treatises (3 vols.), translated by Henry Beveridge, originally published by the Calvin Translation Society (Edinburgh) in 1851, republished with additional material (not included here) by Wm. B. Eerdman's in 1958; c) Letters of John Calvin (4 vols.), edited by Dr. Jules Bonnet, translated by David Constable, originally published in 1855-57 (Edinburgh: T. Constable; London: Hamilton, Adams) and reprinted in 1972 by Burt Franklin. Page numbers for b) and c) in the database refer to the Eerdman's and Franklin editions.

Calvin, Jean. Institutes of the Christian Religion. Edited by John T. McNeill. Translated and indexed by Ford Lewis Battles. Philadelphia: Westminister Press, 1960.

_____. Tracts and Treatises. Translated from the original Latin by Henry Beveridge. 3 vols. Edinburgh: Calvin Translation Society, 1851.

_____. Letters of John Calvin. Edited by Dr. Jules Bonnet. Translated by David Constable. 4 vols. Edinburgh: T. Constable; London: Hamilton, Adams, 1855-57.

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