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Omnia simul legis præcepta, non singula sunt lex ipsa.

Opera / Petrus Abælardus.
Opera I, "Epistola Heloissæ ad Petrum Abælardum"

Peter Abelard: Opera. Electronic Edition. book cover

Peter Abelard: Opera. Electronic Edition.

ISBN: 978-1-57085-009-7

Language: Latin

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Abélard by Jules Cavelier. Stone, before 1853. 4th statue from Pavillon Turgot to Pavillon Richelieu, Cour Napoléon in the Louvre.

List of Contents

This collection contains the works of Peter Abelard.

Abelard, Peter. Opera / Petrus Abælardus. Hactenus seorism edita nunc primum in unum collegit textum ad fidem librorum editorum scriptorumque recensuit notas, argumenta, indices adjecit Victor Cousin, adjuvantibus C. Jourdain et E. Despois. Paris: A. Durand, 1849-1859. Rpt. Hildesheim, Zürich and New York: G. Olms, 1970.

An invaluable tool, which not only saves time, but makes possible research of a thoroughness not previously possible.

—Roger Crisp
Editor of Utilitas
St. Anne's College
Oxford University