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PITHY QUOTE FROM Bluestocking Feminism 1738-1785

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Not that all Amusement and Indulgence should be severely banished. When properly and proportionably mixed with the more serious Purposes of Life, they become a Part of Duty.

Bluestocking Feminism: writings of the Bluestocking Circle, 1738-1785. Catherine Talbot, Essays, Essay I

Bluestocking Feminism 1738-1785. Electronic Edition. book cover

Bluestocking Feminism 1738-1785. Electronic Edition.

ISBN: 978-1-57085-647-1

Language: English

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List of Contents

Bluestocking Feminism: Writings of the Bluestocking Circle, 1738-1785. General editor, Gary Kelly; volume editors Elizabeth Eger, et al. 6 vols. London: Pickering & Chatto, 1999.

  • Vol. 1: Elizabeth Montagu, 1720-1800: An Essay on the Writings & Genius of Shakespear; Dialogues of the Dead; Unpublished Dialogues; Selected Letters
  • Vol. 2: Elizabeth Carter, 1717-1806: The Works of Epictetus; Selected Poems; Selected Prose; Miscellaneous Letters
  • Vol. 3: Catherine Talbot and Hester Chapone: Catherina Talbot, 1721-1770. Hester Chapone, 1717-1801
  • Vol. 4: Anna Seward, 1742-1809: Love Elegies and Epistles; Verses; Inscriptions; Selected Sonnets; Extracts from Anna Seward's Literary Correspondence; Extracts from The Letters of Anna Seward Written Between The Years 1784 and 1807; Extracts from Anna Seward’s Memoirs of the Life of Dr. Darwin, Chiefly During his Residence at Lichfield, With Anecdotes of his Friends, and Criticisms on his Writings
  • Vol. 5: Sarah Scott, 1721–1795: A Journey Through Every Stage of Life, Vol. 1; A Journey Through Every Stage of Life, Vol. 2
  • Vol. 6: Sarah Scott, 1721-1795, and Clara Reeve, 1729-1807: Sarah Scott, The Test of Filial Duty, Vols. 1 and 2. Clara Reeve, The Progress of Romance


Editorial board:

  • Gary Kelly, University of Keele. He has edited the novels of Mary Wollstonecraft and Sarah Scott's Bluestocking feminist novel, Millenium Hall. He is the author of The English Jacobin Novel 1780-1805, English Fiction of the Romantic Period, Revolutionary Feminism, and Women, Writing, and Revolution 1790-1827.
  • Elizabeth Eger, University of Warwick.
  • Judith Hawley, Royal Holloway College, University of London.
  • Jennifer Kelly, Birkbeck College, University of London.
  • Rhoda Zuk, Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Pickering & Chatto are offering, to their credit, the best editions yet produced of Carter, Montagu and Talbot, and provocative recastings of the achievements of Seward, Reeve and Scott.

—Helen Small
The Times Literary Supplement

An invaluable tool, which not only saves time, but makes possible research of a thoroughness not previously possible.

—Roger Crisp
Editor of Utilitas
St. Anne's College
Oxford University