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'Madness! madness, endless remorse must be mine! yes, it was I who destroyed her, withered like the lightning’s blast her fair blooming pros- pects, I blighted her innocent youth, I made a wretch of her I should have worshipped, – who for me sacrificed all – yet she never reproached me; – no – and in return, I persevered – I broke her heart!'

Varieties of Female Gothic. Volume 3, Erotic Gothic. The Libertine, Vol. IV

Varieties of Female Gothic. Electronic Edition. book cover

Varieties of Female Gothic. Electronic Edition.

ISBN: 978-1-57085-180-3

Language: English

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Frontispiece: The Castle of Alvidaro, or, The Spanish Quarrel. A Romance. Anon. London: Published by and for for J. Roe, No. 38, Chiswell Street, Finsbury Square; and Ann Lemoine, White Rose Court, Coleman Street, 1809

List of Contents

Varieties of Female Gothic. General editor, Gary Kelly. 6 vols. London; Brookfield, Vt.: Pickering & Chatto, 2002.

  • Vol. 1. Enlightenment Gothic and Terror Gothic
  • Vol. 2. Street Gothic: Female Gothic Chapbooks
  • Vol. 3. Erotic Gothic
  • Vols. 4-5. Historical Gothic
  • Vol. 6. Orientalist Gothic

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