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PITHY QUOTE FROM Browning: Works

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Moreover, in th’ historian’s bosom look, And weigh his feelings ere you trust his book; His private friendships, private wrongs, descry, Where tend his passions, where his int’rests lie – And, while his proper faults your mind engage, Discern the ruling foibles of his age.

The Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Volume 4, An Essay on Mind

The Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Electronic Edition. book cover

The Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Electronic Edition.

ISBN: 978-1-57085-046-2

Language: English

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Elizabeth Barrett Browning, oil on canvas, by Michele Gordigiani

List of Contents

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett. The Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning. General editor, Sandra Donaldson. Editorial team: Rita Patteson, Marjorie Stone and Beverly Taylor. Associate editors: Simon Avery, Cynthia Burgess, Clara Drummond and Barbara Neri. Editorial associate: Jane Stewart Laux. 5 vols. London: Pickering & Chatto, 2010.

  • Vol. 1. Works Published in EBB's Lifetime; Friends and Relatives; General Introduction; Bibliography; Introduction to Poems (1856)
  • Poems (1856)
  • Vol. 2. Poems (1856), continued
  • Vol. 3. Critical Introduction. Reviews of Aurora Leigh. Textual Introduction. Aurora Leigh (1859). Dedication; Book I; Book II; Book III; Book IV; Book V; Book VI; Book VII; Book VIII; Book IX; Notes
  • Vol. 4. Introduction. Works not included in Poems. Works Published after Aurora Leigh
  • Vol. 5. Introduction. Works Published after Aurora Leigh, cont. Works Unpublished in EBB's Lifetime. Undated Items and Fragments. Consolidated Index

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