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PITHY QUOTE FROM Weininger: Kritische Editionen

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It isn't necessary or rather not possible to agree with him [Weininger] but the greatness lies in that with which we disagree. It is his enormous mistake which is great. I.e. roughly speaking if you just add a "~ " to the whole book it says an important truth.

Wittgenstein: Letters, Lectures, Conversations, Memoirs. Cambridge Letters, 144. LW — GEM

Otto Weininger: Kritische Online-Ausgabe der Werke und Briefe. book cover

Otto Weininger: Kritische Online-Ausgabe der Werke und Briefe.

ISBN: 978-1-57085-017-2

Language: German

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Otto Weininger, photograph c. 1902

List of Contents

Weininger, Otto. Geschlecht und Charakter. Wien und Leipzig: Wilhelm Braumüller Verlag, 1903, 1906.

_____. Über die letzten Dinge. Wien und Leipzig: Wilhelm Braumüller Verlag, 1904, 1907.

_____. Taschenbuch und Briefe an einen Freund. Hg. von Artur Gerber. Wien und Leipzig: E. P. Tal & Co. 1919.

New critical editions of Otto Weininger’s Geschlecht und Charakter (1903/1906), Über die letzten Dinge (1904/1907) and Taschenbuch (1919), together with his Mizellen (miscellaneous smaller works), edited and annotated by Waltraud and Klaus Hirsch with the Brenner Archiv, Innsbruck. A critical edition of the Briefwechsel is included to comprise the first complete publication of Weininger’s works in a uniform scholarly edition.

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