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PITHY QUOTE FROM Sidgwick: Complete Works, Select Correspondence

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By theocracy we do not mean a State in which God governs, but a State in which persons claiming some special authority to declare the divine will are habitually obeyed on this ground, not only in the ordering of religious worship, but in the administration of secular affairs.

The Complete Works and Select Correspondence of Henry Sidgwick. Development of European Polity. Lecture XV. Medieval Theocracy

The Complete Works and Select Correspondence of Henry Sidgwick book cover

The Complete Works and Select Correspondence of Henry Sidgwick

ISBN: 978-1-57085-225-1

Language: English

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Henry Sidgwick, 1894

List of Contents

The Complete Works and Select Correspondence of Henry Sidgwick (Second Edition) contains the complete published works of Henry Sidgwick, including both the First and Seventh editions of The Methods of Ethics. The collection includes Henry Sidgwick: A Memoir by Arthur Sidgwick and Eleanor Mildred Sidgwick, which draws extensively from Sidgwick's correspondence and journal.

Also included is a substantial body of correspondence, much of it previously unpublished, supplied from various British collections. Bart Schultz, Lecturer at the University of Chicago, editor of Essays on Henry Sidgwick, (Cambridge University Press: 1992), and author of the forthcoming book, Eye of the Universe: Henry Sidgwick and the Quest for Certainty, is the electronic editor. This is the first time Sidgwick's complete corpus has been published.

The second edition of the collection makes available for the first time in its entirety the matched correspondence between Sidgwick and his very dear friend, Henry Graham Dakyns. This material, in a severely edited form, served as the basis for Henry Sidgwick, A Memoir, assembled by Sidgwick's widow and brother; and it has consequently been heavily relied upon by every serious Sidgwick scholar of the twentieth century.

Sidgwick, Henry. The Complete Works & Select Correspondence of Henry Sidgwick. Electronic editor Bart Schultz. 2nd ed. Charlottesville: InteLex Corporation.

The collection contains:

Sidgwick, Henry. The Methods of Ethics. 7th ed. London: Macmillan & Co., Ltd., 1907.

_____. Outlines of the History of Ethics. 5th ed. London: Macmillan & Co., 1902.

Sidgwick, Arthur, and Eleanor Mildred Sidgwick. Henry Sidgwick: A Memoir, by A. S. and E. M. S. London: Macmilland & Co., Limited; New York: The Macmillan Company, 1906.

Bibliographical and Textual Note


I. The Publications of Henry Sidgwick With a Bibliography

  • Pamphlets and Books
  • Essays, Reviews, Reports, and Letters to the Editor

II. A Selection of Correspondence, Personal Writings, and Unpublished Lectures With a List of Archival Sources

  • Correspondence
    • Letters to and from H. G. Dakyns, edited and with an introduction by Andrew Dakyns and Belinda Robinson
    • Letters to James Bryce
    • Letters to H. S. Foxwell
    • Letters to Lord Lytton
    • Letters to Oscar Browning
    • Letters to John Addington Symonds
    • Letters to Wilfrid Ward
    • Miscellaneous Individual Letters

    Personal Writings

    • Diary
    • Autobiographical Fragment
    • Journal, edited and with an introductory note by Jean Marr Wilkins

    Unpublished Lectures

    • "Is Prayer a Permanent Function of Humanity?"
    • "Is Philosophy the Germ or the Crown of Science?"
    • "Theory of Almsgiving"
    • "Poor Law," with a note on "Misunderstanding"
    • "Necessity of War and Arbitration"


    The Past Masters edition of The Methods of Ethics is a reproduction of the Seventh Edition.

    The text of Outlines of the History of Ethics is based on the Fifth Edition of the Ethics published in 1902 by Macmillan.

Henry Sidgwick is the greatest of the classical utilitarians, far superior to Bentham or Mill in the care with which he examines issues in moral philosophy. But The Methods of Ethics is a big book, and it used to be heavy to carry around. No longer—now I have not only The Methods, but Sidgwick's complete works literally at my fingertip—they are on my laptop, in an easily searchable form, and go with me, wherever I go. Thanks, Bart Schultz and InteLex!

—Prof. Peter Singer
Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics
University Center for Human Values
Princeton University
Laureate Professor
Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics
University of Melbourne

An invaluable tool, which not only saves time, but makes possible research of a thoroughness not previously possible.

—Roger Crisp
Editor of Utilitas
St. Anne's College
Oxford University

In recent years Henry Sidgwick has regained his rightful place as one of the great moral philosophers of all time. Now with this marvelous . . . edition of his complete writings we can grasp the full magnitude of his achievement, spanning many different areas of philosophy as well as economics, political science, and belles lettres. To Bart Schultz we are indebted for putting at our fingertips the works of a universal genius.

—Charles Larmore
University of Chicago

Sidgwick’s correspondence with Henry Graham Dakyns reveals more about the thinking leading up to “The Methods of Ethics” than any other available material.

—J. B. Schneewind
Department of Philosophy
Johns Hopkins University