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PITHY QUOTE FROM Augustine: Opera Omnia CAG

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si enim tu eam domare uolueris, non potes, quia homo es? «linguam nullus hominum domare potest ». attendite similitudinem ab ipsis bestiis quas domamus. equus non se domat; camelus non se domat; elephantus non se domat; aspis non se domat; leo non se domat: sic et homo non se domat. sed ut dometur equus, bos, camelus, elephantus , leo, aspis, quaeritur homo. ergo deus quaeratur, ut dometur homo.

Saint Augustine: Opera Omnia - Corpus Augustinianum Gissense. Sermones: Part 1

Saint Augustine: Opera Omnia CAG. Electronic Edition. book cover

Saint Augustine: Opera Omnia CAG. Electronic Edition.

ISBN: 978-1-57085-004-2

Language: Latin

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Earliest known portrait of Saint Augustine. Fresco in the Lateran Library, Rome, sixth century

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Augustine. Corpus Augustinianum Gissense. Edited by Prof. Dr. Cornelius Mayer. Basel: Schwabe, 1995. Electronic edition edited by Prof. Dr. Cornelius Mayer.

Saint Augustine: Opera Omnia CAG contains the Corpus Augustinianum Gissense (CAG) edition of Augustine's works in Latin. The CAG features the complete works of Saint Augustine in the best available editions. The index of 5 million words has been completely lemmatized, allowing searches among all the variants of any given form. It is the single most important research tool for Augustinian study and related disciplines.

The Corpus Augustinianum Gissense is a marvel. The serious student of Augustine will want to have it and use it regularly. Put another way, no serious scholarship on Augustine will now be possible that does not take advantage of such tools.

—Prof J. J. O'Donnell
University of Pennsylvania
Augustinian Studies